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Ichigo Amano's Patissiere [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Ichigo Amano

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[VoiceMail] [Aug. 8th, 2029|10:55 am]
Ichigo Amano
[Tags|, ]

I am busy making cakes at the moment, please leave your message after the beep.
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[Profile Meme] [Aug. 8th, 2029|10:54 am]
Ichigo Amano
[Tags|, , ]

Ichigo loves cakesCollapse )
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How's My Driving [Aug. 8th, 2029|10:51 am]
Ichigo Amano
[Tags|, , ]

Please put any comments on how I can improve playing Ichigo here
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[Video 02] Halloween Questions [Oct. 30th, 2010|12:30 pm]
Ichigo Amano
[Tags|, ]

[Ichigo is busying herself around her room, setting up tons of decorations for Halloween so that her house was ready for the holiday.

She had never really celebrated this holiday at home, but she had heard from the residents of Somarium (when she got a word out of them) that this holiday was called 'Halloween' and that people gave other people candy.

And Ichigo loves candy..]

Hello everyone! [she smiles at the camera as she stops] I wonder if anyone would be able to explain this halloween holiday to me... I asked some of the other residents here, but they weren't very talkative and only really mentioned the candy..

[she is dressed up in this outfit still]

Also... does everyone dress up for halloween, I seem to be in some weird... outfit. And have been for a while.
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[Dream 01] Won't you have some of my dream coloured sweets? [Oct. 26th, 2010|10:16 am]
Ichigo Amano
[Tags|, ]

An older Ichigo is sitting on a chair at the desk of her brand new shop, her legs are softly swinging backwards and forwards as she waits for some customers.

While she does so, she is daydreaming about her past.


"Y-You must be making some sort of mistake!", a younger Ichigo chirped up towards her teacher, "I-I am a beginner! I shouldn't be in class A."

The teacher smiled but shook her head, "You got a personal recommendation from Henri Lucas, which makes you eligible to be in the group with the highest grades in the whole school."

Ichigo could feel the panic set in as she felt the eyes of all of her fellow classmates stare right at her. She could hear the whispers begin about how she was chosen by Henri and how lucky she was that she got to work with the Sweets Princes.

"B..But", Ichigo muttered, but she was quickly quietened by the teacher who began to teach the class how to make mille crêpe.

Some of the class complained that they had already learnt how to make this last year, but the teacher shushed them, "You have to remember the basics! It is not just new food that we make, but we all have to remember the basics!"

The class filled with sighs and people nodding before getting back to work.

Ichigo was trying her best to use the ingredients giving to them to make mille crêpe following the recipe on the board, but no matter what she did, she kept burning each crêpe that she made.

By the end of the class, she had a ton of burnt crêpes and she ended up getting points taking off of her and her group as well as being taunted by one of her group mates who tasted her food and mentioned that she was indeed a beginner.

She began getting questioned about why she hadn't studied before she got here, and that she couldn't expect to be told all of the answers when she was a year behind the rest of the class.

This made Ichigo very upset, and she decided that she would leave St Marie's.


She giggled to herself in her daydream. It had been so long since then and she had managed to get through the hard times with her friend, Vanille, the sweet spirit.

Speaking of her sweet spirit, she was tapping at Ichigo to wake her up.

"Ichigo!", she squeaked, "You have a customer!"

Ichigo snapped awake, but she wasn't in the shop anymore, she was younger and in Somarium.

"It was a dream...", she muttered, before closing her eyes and going back to sleep.
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[Video 01] Recipe Book? [Sep. 6th, 2010|11:26 am]
Ichigo Amano
[Tags|, ]

[The dreamberry is focused on a teenage girl, who seemed to be dressed in a chef's hat with her school uniform on and a bright pink apron on top. Beside her is a large bowl, a wooden spoon and her sink in the apartment that she has in Somni.

The camera pans as she moves, as if the girl is looking for something and doesn't realize that the camera is on.

Eventually, the camera is moved towards the girl's face]

Um.. Excuse me?

[she sounds soft and nervous]

Does anyone know where I can find a place to buy ingredients and perhaps a recipe book? I am trying to remember the recipe for mille crêpe but I don't seem to remember it at all!
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[Relationships] Ichigo's Relationships! [Aug. 8th, 2010|12:00 am]
Ichigo Amano
[Tags|, , , ]
[Current Mood |creative]

Character Relations goes here!Collapse )
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